Gardening Nobu Hotel Los Cabos

The flavor is the result of very specific factors that we have in every treat at our restaurants.

Here at Nobu Hotel Los Cabos, our Yakuzoku garden or Chef’s garden is the centerpiece for this statement to be true. Yakuzoku means promise, and it is in our mission to bring this promise of happiness into every person that comes in contact with us through multiple experiences, including the culinary.

This week we’d like to introduce you to a gardening practice using these easy tips for starting your next tomato garden right in your backyard. For this, you’ll need one juicy tomato.

After a careful selection of one tomato, you will have to cut the vegetable in half, and use a spoon to soak the fillings with the seeds in a glass of water.


Photo by: Iulian Pana

Allow the filling of the tomato to sit in the water while the seeds separate. This step could vary between 5-7 days. You will know when the process is complete once the red filling completely separates from the seeds. Be sure to keep an eye out on the process to avoid mold growth. Once the seeds are separated from the filling, wash over the contents of the glass under running water.

Next, take a hand sifter, empty the glass with the help of it and then put it under the water faucet to let the water run down and clear the tomato remains. After a few minutes, you should only have the seeds in the hand sifter.

Spread the seeds over a plate and let them dry for a night or two. Once they are dry, you can save them in a paper envelope and store them in a dry, dark place or you can also start sowing them in a pot or your garden.

Please, don’t hesitate to show us your results on social media using our hashtags #NobuAtHome #NobuLosCabos. Happy gardening!

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