Nobu Los Cabos Restaurant

Purifying Plants for Home

Decor your home like the gardens of Nobu Hotel Los Cabos with this purifying plant guide

If you have visited Nobu Hotel Los Cabos, we are sure that you will agree that it is a delight to walk amongst our gardens.

Either passing through the halls full of Mother’s in-laws’ plants or crossing near Pacific Restaurant, our garden design makes you feel like you’re in a secret oasis.

We want to share with you some of our favorite plants that you can also have at home to improve the air quality. These recommendations appear in the NASA Interior Landscape Plants for Indoor Air Pollution Abatement. Also, they are considered stunning, easy to care for plants.

Mother in law plant

Snake plant aka Mother-in-laws’ tongue
This plant is known for its nighttime oxygen production and air purification properties. The care suggestions for this plant are very easy to follow: water once a week and are perfect for indoor gardening and you can have them closer to window light.

Palm Tree Nobu Los Cabos

Bamboo Palm
This beautiful palm will welcome you when arriving at Nobu and it happens to be a great plant to keep in the house for improving air quality. Keep the soil moist and in indirect sunlight.

Pandanus Palm
There are different varieties, here at Nobu, you will find Pandanus tectorius, a great palm that is perfect for shade. Also, this plant loves the sun. Make sure to have them in a frost-free environment.

We also encourage you to find them on your next visit while you are strolling down the gardens and share your findings with us on Social Media!

Hope that this purifying plant guide helps you!