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Mandalas And Their Meaning


The literal meaning of the word Mandala means circle, and circle mandalas are also one of the most commonly available forms of mandalas. Their first emergence came from regions across the Himalaya and India, where people used the artistic expression of mandalas to form symbolic relationships between the universe and the spirit. 

Today, mandalas have become a popular symbol of meditation, which aids in enhancing focus, silencing thoughts while meditating, combatting stress and anxiety, appreciating the beauty of nature, and forming a greater connection with oneself. 

For this week’s Nobu at Home activity, we’re providing you with a Mandala Coloring Book. Enjoy coloring these pages with your loved ones at home while taking the time to connect your mind, body, and spirit and bringing in a sense of relaxation. Follow along on our social at @NobuLosCabos and tag us using #NobuatHome to show us your best Mandala creation.

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Robert DeNiro Will Be At Los Cabos Film Festival

Robert DeNiro, The Irishman

The Los Cabos International Film Festival works as aplatform to promotethe film industry in Mexico and Latin America. 

The festival has gained popularity around the world and has put Los Cabos on the map as a luxurious touristic destination.

Discover what this amazing festival has to offer!

Los Cabos Film Festival | Magdiel Lopez


The Los Cabos film festival is celebriting it’s 7th edition, which will take place from November 13th through the 17th. It has come a long way since its opening in 2012, since then, it has been growing at an accelerated pace due to the events they host all around the city.

Some of the most popular guests that have attended to past editions are Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon and Spike Lee. There’s no doubt this year’s guests will surprise everyone.

The Irishman at Los Cabos Film Festival


One of the events that is definitely being awaited by many is the opening night, where there will be a screening of the gangster trama “The Irishman” directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci. 

This will be the Latin American premiere of the awaited film, before it goes on Netflix worldwide on November 27.

We are pleased to announce that Robert De Niro will give a session at the hotel where he will speak about his career and his newest projects.

Activities at the Festival


One of the main initiatives is to draw locals to attend events hosted throughout the city such as screenings on the beach, film critic contests and course cycles.

If you’re planning to visit Los Cabos anytime soon around the dates when the Festival is active please don’t hesitate to explore all the events and activities around the city. 

7 Amazing Drone Images of Baja California Sur

Guerrero Negro, Santiago Arau

Santiago Arau has managed to capture the immensity of Mexico with his drone, he has traveled through places that are unknown to many, but thanks to his talent and social media, his work has reached all over the world. 

Drone Image of Colonia Condesa

Santiago Arau


Santiago  has photographed everything, from architecture to sporting events, but his drone pictures are our favorite. It’s very eye-catching when you let the spectator see things from another perspective.

Documenting one of the most populated cities in the world, with more than 20 million people, is no easy task. Santiago manages to capture the daily contrasts of Mexico City with his drone. 


Baja California Sur is a destination that could not be missed from Santiago’s photographic tours throughout Mexico. That’s why we want to show you these amazing pictures taken from the skies of the most spectacular places in Baja California Sur:


Cabo Pulmo National Park is one of the most important areas in the Sea of Cortez. It’s the second most important living coral reef in the Eastern Pacific, stretching from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego. This is a very popular destination for diving and surfing.

Cabo Pulmo in Baja California Sur

Santiago Arau


Considered one of the best beaches in Mexico for its calm crystal clear waters surrounded by the desert. This is a Protected Natural Area, so you won’t be able to find hotels or restaurants nearby.

Balandra Beach in Baja California Sur


These two beaches are among the most famous in the Los Cabos area as they are located near the famous Arch. Love Beach has calm waters and is safe for swimming, while Playa del Divorcio is more rocky, with strong tides, we strongly recommend to not swim there and please take precautions. 

Divorce Beach & Love Beach in Los Cabos


The salt mines of Guerrero Negro are world leaders in salt production, they export approximately 7 million tons of salt annually. The salt mines are located in the north of the state,near Baja California. If you book in advance, you can have a guided visit to some of their factories.

Drone Image of Guerrero Negro in Baja California Sur


This is a small island of volcanic origin in the Gulf of California, located 25 miles off the coast of Baja California Sur and home to the Tortuga Island rattlesnake, which can’t be found anywhere else.

Tortuga Island in Baja California Sur


Formerly named by Hernán Cortés as “Santa Cruz Bay” and now “La Paz”, the capital of Baja California Sur stands out for being a seaside, welcoming and cosmopolitan city. It is the perfect destination to practice water activities like scuba diving and snorkeling.

La Paz

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