Family is one of the most important values at Nobu Hotels. Make this the vacation of a lifetime with educational and fun activities for your kids visiting Kizzu Kids Club.

Kizzu Schedule: 11:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Age requirement is from 4-12 years old.


Expand your knowledge with your children. Immerse into a cultural trip at Nobu Los Cabos. Learn paper crafts, apply art themes in painting, participate in sensory activities with music, arts and crafts, and other activities. Exhibit your creativity by making animals, objects, and shapes. Join us!


Let your children become the characters they want. Your kid will have the chance to chose a design or bring one of their own so our staff has the opportunity to make detailed designs with their own painting methods. No matter what is the occasion, prepare to become an animal, a superhero, a villain or a fanmade character in this face painting activity.


Test your abilities and your skills with the different board games available at the Kizzu Kids Club. Aim for that goal and succeed. Play these games individually or in cooperative mode, which always gives the chance to make new friends and make your vacation experience even better. Mexican Lottery, Mega Blocks, and Jenga are always full of fun, ready to test all players.