Desesert Landscape in Todos Santos

Paradise, art and a bohemian soul are the best words to describe Todos Santos, a small-town between Cabo San Lucas and La Paz. 

Magical Town of Todos Santos


Also known in Spanish as “Pueblos Mágicos”, Magical Towns are an initiative by the Mexican Secretary of Tourism to promote towns that have a special charm and can offer visitors a “magical” experience.

One of the main requirements to be a part of this list is to offer cultural richness, traditions, gastronomy and natural beauty. It is worth mentioning that capital cities are not part of this program, only non-bustling towns that meet the aforementioned requirements.

Since 2006 Todos Santos has been part of the 3 magical towns in Baja California Sur.

Art in Todos Santos


Art is something that attracts tourists and locals to Todos Santos, this town is filled with many well-known painters, actors and sculptors. You’ll be able to find a great variety of galleries and murals.

There’s something special about this place that brings artists together, many say it’s the light and the landscape that resemble an oasis.

Surfing in Todos Santos


You can easily find pristine beaches within a 30 minute drive of Todos Santos, although they are difficult to access it’s a trip that’s worth the while. Some of the beaches you must to visit are Los Cerritos, San Pedrito, Las Palmas and Punta Lobos.

Please consider the currents and waves can reach up to 15 foot or more, we strongly recommend not to swim in these beaches if you are not a surfer.

Whale Watching


Outdoor activities are a must if you really want to live the Baja experience, there is a lot to do, from eco adventures and whale watching to hiking and surfing, it’s your choice to make.